Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Daily Grind

My very first grinder was handed down to me by a beautiful Latina I used to smoke mad weed with in college. Her apartment was literally on campus, but without the RA presence, so it was our go-to place to hang out and smoke between classes, after meetings, and before parties. When she moved to England she left her little collection of pieces with me and let me keep the grinder. I loved it. It was small, had a kief catcher, and was a lovely shade of metallic red.

Unfortunately, I smoke so much weed that grinder isn’t working so well anymore. I wish they would create some sort of powder that you sprinkle inside the chamber and sharpens it as you twist it. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Is that possible? I’ve had to retire that lovely little grinder and now, I have a much larger one. It was also handed down to me from a very good friend, who happens to be my current connect. It’s silver, also has a kief catcher and has a see-through lid so I can watch it grind dozens of beautiful nuggs into oblivion.

I love having my grinders bestowed upon me. It’s like carrying on a legacy. That was certainly the case with my little red grinder. It’s been everywhere with me; to Six Flags, to the beach, all over the city, to countless parties, and who knows the adventures it had back in the day with my girl. I believe she got it in Amsterdam, so it really has lived to it’s full potential. And to think of how many delicious ounces it has pulverized into smokable goodness! I know it sounds like I’m writing an obituary, but that little grinder just means so much to me. I’m holding onto it, it’s definitely earned a spot on my smoking shelf, but it’s now retired.

You never realize how handy those little things are until you’re left without one, breaking up bud by hand like you’re still in 10th grade smoking in your parents garage. It’s such a pain in the ass.  I don’t take my grinders home when I fly home to Texas, so every time I go home I’m reminded just how much easier life is when you don’t have to take 5 minutes before every bowl to break up a dense nugg. Then again, it wouldn’t be ‘going home’ if I wasn’t sneaking around my mom smoking pot.

I don’t religiously name by grinders like I do my pieces but perhaps I should. They are just as special as any other piece... Like my newest. A beautiful new bong. But that’s a new post for another day.

Until then, Stay Stoned ♥

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Anonymous said...

I love grinders. I've had a titanium one by Space Case for over 2 years now and it's still pretty damn perfect. The kief screen is slightly saggy but it still works great. So worth the extra money because it is seemingly lasting forever!