Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"You're drinking from what used to be a candle holder!"- my boyfriend

Now I'm rummaging through pieces of dried mango like I'm looking for the toy at the bottom of the cereal box. I like the saltier ones, and they tend to be the thinner, darker ones. I'm very particular sometimes.

Tomorrow is the day! I am getting prescribed. I'm not sure what to think, I am always a bit hesitant, last time things went terribly wrong. I don't know, for now I'm reallllly into this mango slice.

I've been picking up like twice a week now. Funny.

I just really wanted to say hi, there's no point to this.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My new morning routine.

I'm sitting fairly comfortably atop my bed, boyfriend at my right snoring ever-so-softly going through my new morning routine (rhymes with New Jack Swing, yeah, baby!). It appears that I've been having panic attacks on days I catch the T school, last week I completely missed class because I couldn't find anything to wear (I know, right?). So obviously, I've been having a little difficultly lately and I'm trying to fix it.

I woke up a good forty-five minutes to an hour earlier, and now I'm sitting here, pretty OK with what I picked out to wear on the bed in front of me, and am eating cream of wheat, or as my grandmother calls it, toleto (toh-lee-toh) and sipping tea. As usual the damn foreign workers outside my window are making their OBNOXIOUS FUCKING PRESENCE KNOWN. Goddamn, I hate them. Ruining my mornings getting me all outta whack...

Anyways, I'm nursing a small bowl, just to get me on point for the day and then it's off for a very long day consisting of class, interning, and more class until I go home at 10. I have to freaking go to Google tonight, can you believe that? This is going to be so lame... but I digress. Hopefully there will be dinner with my man sandwiched in there. Ok, I gotta get dressed enough dawdling, wish me luck with my slow mornings.