Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy take-land-that-isn't-yours-and-fuck-over-the-natives day

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. I hope you're all enjoying your time with your families and whatnot. I'll be working at the unnamed coffee shop in which I work from 1:30-7. Time and a half. baby!

Anyways, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you guys what I'm thankful for:

-Passage of Question 2
-Medicinal Marijuana
-My family
-You! My readers! (I see you MassArt! and Paris! and NorthEastern! and UT Austin! and whoever in Tewksbury, MA!)
-My scholarships and grants
-My amazing friends
-Everything I have.

I've come a long way, and I only hope that throughout my life I can help others and accomplish something worthwhile.

Now, back to smoking resin and making potato bake and getting ready for work.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toker's Choice Award!

This award goes to Puff Plus Tissues with Vicks!

They make them look like God in this picture for a reason. They are a miracle. My nose doesn't hurt from constant blowing and the smell loosens up my nasal passage and eases the congestion. They're about $3 at CVS and I highly recommend them. I love the smell of Vicks. And I hate being sick. Wish me a speedy recovery!

Struggles Pt. 2

What do you do when the person you call your best friend starts to call you out on all the things they're supposed to have your back for?

My medication is wreaking havoc on my life. I'm about 90% sure it's the reason I'm blacking out and becoming violent, as well. My back is also killing me and I'm pretty sure my medication is behind that too. I've been dealing with a lot lately and I'm thinking I need to hit up a walk-in therapy session tomorrow before class, this is becoming too much to deal with.

Thank god I start the paperwork for my referral tomorrow, I already have a doctors appointment next week. Hopefully my insurance will cover a chiropractor.

As for smoking, boy the buds of the week are beautiful. I need a kief grinder so I stop getting keif on my fingers instead of my bowl. I'll have to post em' up this week along with the Thanksgiving buds. I wish they made holiday pot blends that taste like cranberry or gravy or whatever. That would be sweet! At least holiday flavored blunt wraps.

Who's with me on this?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Monday's are always especially hard for me. It's bad enough I have to wake up at 6:30AM to get to my 8AM class, but after I get out of class at 4PM I have work until 11:30PM.

Will it ever end? Once again, I'm taking a break from drinking. I really need to get my shit together.

I finally picked up today after trying to all weekend. This weird kid in my class sold to me today. I bought one 1/8th. Before winter break comes I need to stock up. I'll be miserable if I have to spend Christmas alone AND sober once I get out of work.

Yep, I'm working Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Shoot me know. All I know is, cheap bastards better tip me well. Cause even time and a half isn't that enticing, I just don't have shit to do otherwise.

Also, I'm officially going to Texas in January, bought my plane ticket and everything. Bring on the cheap weed and warmer weather!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tokity Toke.

It's a beautiful day in Boston for a moral dilemma. I can pay $60/1/8th or I can wait until the other person I buy from restocks and pay $40/1/8th and not smoke for a few days. I'm going to need to think about this.

I'm so broke lately it's not even funny. I have a bunch of extra expenses this month, such as $51 for breaking the front window on a drunken spree, a wedding gift (why are my friends getting married already?), and Comcast late fee (goddamned cable company constantly switching the due date).

What do you do when you're doing really badly at saving money? I'm supposed to be saving up to go to Singapore next year and for a new pair of Ray Bans but I'm just terrible at saving lately. God Save Me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Girlie Lunches.

One of my favorite things about having a two hour break between classes is smoking in the commons and then heading out to Newbury St. for a little shopping and snackage.

I went to American Apparel and bought a shirt and then ventured down Newbury to my favorite cafe, Espresso Royale for an amazing bagel sandwich where I happily saw a bunch of Berklee kids I rarely get to see anymore. I also got my eyebrows threaded, which I don't really recommend doing high.

There was something else I was going to write about but uh, I forgot, sorry. I'm on my way to repairing my life and my to-do list is about 2 miles high so I may be a little M.I.A. this week.

I have to work now, this sucks. I'm totally holding out for 11:30PM. Life will be good when I'm out of work.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

post-election madness.

I must have caught it somehow, I don't know. I'm doing crazy things. Other people are too. The NYTimes being sold on eBay for over $400. WTF. I mean, it's history but you assholes don't appreciate us! If you bought the paper more often we would have had enough copies! Ungrateful! We put the news out 24/7 and it's just take take take. Blah. Writings my only hope, haha, I suck at math and science. CNNs holograms were scary as shit too. I was so high and just freaking.

On a tangent...

Has anyone noticed lately how Post Secret has had a lot of marijuana related secrets laltely? The hemphead one is my favorite, check them out:

I'm also going to celebrate question 2 all day long. I'm two joints deep tonight and counting. You stay sassy Boston.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fuck yeah America!

Way to not fuck up. Not only is Barack Obama is our new President but Question 2 overwhelmingly passed!

Thank God you assholes are doing something right. I had a celebratory bowl this morning and I feel amazing. I'm even wearing blue and red. Look at me go! I've never been into America like this before!

I'm going to celebrate now by writing a story for class, haha. PEACE!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

dude what the fuck

are you doing sitting here reading my blog? You best be fucking voting the shit outta this bitch:


Monday, November 3, 2008

Who knew?

Apparently, you can get HIV from smoking a blunt with an affected person if they roll it and use their spit to stick it together. I'm amazed, who knew this? Slightly frightening, but as long as I do all the blunt rolling I think I'll be fine.

In other news, I have the worst fucking smokers cough ever. Everytime I smoke I just hack up a lung or two like it's nothing. I need to get a bong to help me out a little, cause obviously I'm not gonna stop. I don't ever cough unless I'm smoking but this is getting out of control. Everyone in my apartment thinks I'm dying when I smoke.

I need to pick up today. Who knows if I will, my current dealers a little hard to reach as of late and I realllly don't wanna go to JP before I work at 6PM. UGH. I really don't want to work, but we all gotta make a living eh?

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Tuesday's the big day. Vote people! And if you're a registered Massachusetts voter you'll be faced with a few additional questions on your ballot, namely Question 2.

Question 2 seeks to decriminalize possession for less than an ounce of marijuana. Not only will the city save millions on unnecessary police work tracking down us stoners, but it will also allow anyone caught to have a chance to start over, get straight, and not have this negatively effect their record or chances at a future job. So vote yes on 2! And vote for Barack because honestly, none of us can afford to vote for McCain.

In other news, I'm going to say something I've never said before. I really want to go to Texas. I'm having a really hard time dealing with life right about now, and I could use some time at home. I don't think I've cried this much in a while. And I'm out of my meds. This is just shit. When I get them, I'm going to take like 3. I feel the winter taking it's toll already. I have a feeling it's going to be a long one. Help?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

it really is all sex and drugs, just replace rock and roll with drama

This has certainly been a Halloween to remember. I'm sitting on my couch right now still in my costume (I was a hippie last night, and the Joker the night before!) smoking a blunt. Finally, I am getting some much needed R&R. I ran out of medication and I'm waiting for my prescription to be refilled. Personally, I think I'm handling this extremely well. I'm sure others beg to differ, but whatevs.

Lately I've been mixing business with pleasure. It's not going badly actually. Gossip is. This is why I like dating guys out of my social circle, gossip is ridiculous. I'm so fucking hungry man. Should I eat some Trader Joe's Vegan Pad Thai or their Chicken Pot Pie? Fuck. Anyways, that blunt hit the spot. Seriously. I packed like 2 grams in there.

I've been nursing it for about half an hour. I've recently been told I'm "different" when I'm high. I'm not sure how to handle it. I've never, ever, ever, been told that before. What would you do? Give me advice please, It's a good friend of mine. Talk it up in the comments!!