Thursday, June 23, 2011

I suck.

I have literally been hounding myself to update this thing. Every day I have time I say "I'm gonna post today!" and I don't really get around to it. Well, today I only worked a couple of hours, so there's no looming feeling of exhaustion. I'm also, out of weed for the night, so I'm a little less lazy, and a little less distracted.

A month or so ago I came across this AMAZING interview with "Freeway" Rick Ross, a recently released (er... sorta.. 2009) inmate from the California prison system. He speaks about the economics of drugs, what it costs, how many people you need, avoiding the cops, etc. But, he also makes some really great points for the legalization of certain drugs. The first couple of minutes is just some other bullshit, but it starts at 3:10 and it's bad ass. Lots of great talking points, lots to learn. Definitely the best interview of this type that I've seen, and it's very rare to get this type of interview with such a kingpin.

Here's a link to the interview.
"The most I ever made in one day was $3 million," UH, WHAT. What a trade, man. My favorite part is when he talks about getting his money back from the police. Yeah, they pay women to count money in g-strings to ensure they're not stealing, that's true. Download it, hold on to it, listen to it with your friends.

Let's discuss this, people. Tell me what you think about legalization of other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. An all around amazing interview.

Oh, btw, He was illiterate while running this million dollar business. He learned to read in prison. Amazing.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunny Days...

Just five days until my Boyfriend leaves for Europe. I would be bummed, but this medication change is really keeping me on my toes. Well, really it's keeping me on my butt cause I'm having crazy mood swings and what I like to call, the Weepies (unfortunately, I'm not talking about the band, just awesome uncontrollable sobbing). It's also kind of made me resent the internet and weed, which I really don't understand. I've been reading books and smoking maybe a bowl a day.

On the bright side, summer begins in 12 days (did you catch my little pun there!), and I'll be jetting off to Costa Rica in 19 days. With how crazy my mood is, I'm concerned. I hope it doesn't get in the way of touring the volcanoes or hitting the zip lines! You might say, "don't worry, who in their right mind would pass up zip lining in Costa Rica!?" This girl, who is not in her right mind. I tear up every time I read news stories on Jezebel about 15-year-olds with cancer and their bucket lists, start crying when my hot water doesn't work, and would probably start bawling if a baby was born, or a puppy came in the room, or an irresistibly emotional movie was on television. Well, not the last part cause I don't have cable, but you know what I mean.

Anyways, in preparation for my trip I've been doing the usual, got a new camera, bought a couple of books, and a new travel bag, but I also checked out . According to the site, you can bribe the cops (not sure I'll try that tip) and ask cabbies for suppliers (I might try this) and the area is generally pretty tolerant despite still remaining illegal in the country. However, it's a risk for tourists. I mean, I know I'm brown and all, but my Spanish sucks. Perhaps I should use this trip as a time to take a little break and let my body get back in sync?

Or maybe, I'll quit thinking things through so intensely and just go with the flow for once. Is that possible for an anxious, unstable, 20-something?

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's all about the sun.

So, my smoking has lead me to a rather large credit card bill, but it's also forced me to come to terms with my obsession with yellow. I've always been into mustard yellow, but I just bought this Michael Kors handbag and it's taken my obsession to another level. On a crappy day a few weeks ago I took to Copley Mall (bad idea, an even worse idea with my Discover card in hand) and that little yellow beauty was sitting so beautifully on the top shelf. And it was on sale! Just marked down! Clearly, I have a problem. Obviously, I had to get the matching wallet and I even went as far as to hunt down and steal the boyfriend's yellow lighter for the perfect trifecta.

Yellow is just so perfect for summer. Even when it's a gross day outside, I have sunshine on my arm. It also makes me happy, which in this world of craziness and mental instability is never a bad thing. I'm working on getting my shit together... I mean, I always say that, but I'm serious! I'm going to get rid of my debt, take yoga seriously, eat like an adult, take my meds like a saint, and all that shit I always say I am going to do. So, just how do I settle down and do it? Where am I supposed to draw this inspiration and motivation from? Well, I am working in the ballpark of 20 hours this week and next, so I have the time, NO EXCUSES! Someone hold me to this.

Okay, time for real talk: isn't it annoying that how long a quarter lasts is directly related to the type of nugg it is? For example, right now, my bag has small, dense, nuggs. It takes about 3 of these small nuggs to grind into a bowl, but if I have larger buds that are just as dense, but a little lighter, and less stemmy it'll last longer. Am I making sense? Admittedly, that was one of the most stoned descriptions ever. I'm thinking this bag I have will last until payday, but we'll see. Anyone want to make bets on it?