Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May flowers.

Spring is upon us and it seems like more than flowers are in bloom! I've been getting some of the most beautiful buds lately, everything from lush and green to heavily crystaled and purple. And the improving weather gives way to smoke sessions in parks and on the beach. I'm looking forward to many stoned weekends on Singing beach in Manchester by the Sea with my girl Neezy. This summer is going to be a lot different from the years past, however. Mainly because, this is my first year without summer vacation. Realizing there was no Spring Break on the horizon was tough enough, but the liberal freedoms of the summer months between the "torturous" months of education are no more. All responsibility, all the time.

Fuck. I don't even have enough free time as it is (hello, the May issues of Vogue and Glamour are still sitting unread on my entry table) and with the sun shining down on me I know I will want to spend less and less of that time in the office, grocery shopping, and working my second job. For now though, I'm getting a short reprieve. Tomorrow I'm off to my home town in coastal Texas and to enjoy the sleepy, harsh effects of my favorite, Mexican dirt weed. A literal brick, sometimes kind of brown, and seedy, it gives the sleepiest high and is cheap, cheap, cheap, meaning I cans smoke blunts all day, every day. A dime bag there gets you almost an eighth.

Are you a stoner snob? Would you never be caught dead smoking cheap, low grade weed? Mexican dirt holds a special place in my heart, perhaps because it's what I started smoking at the age of 14 and bought a lot of throughout high school. I'm sure I'll cop some nice kush while I'm there, but I'm looking forward to the crap weed!


I leave you today with a little photo of my current buds and an old but interesting article which suggests that smart women smoke more weed! Imagine that!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh my God,this clip of Joan Rivers toking up has me watching last nights episode of her show. SO FUNNY. It's so refreshing to see someone not only smoking in public, but on national television. And that someone is successful and over 50. So fabulous.

Click here to view the video since Blogger only lets you embed videos from YouTube like an asshole. And yes, that is a pipe with a pig on it.

Stay Stoned ♥

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Amsterdam, I'm yours.

Four weeks ago the Italian and I were sipping tea and coffee in the lobby of the mod-inspired NL Hotel, nestled on one of the many canals lining the streets of Amsterdam.  It was cold, a little drizzly, but it was beautiful. I insisted our first stop be one of its renowned coffee shops. I picked one that sounded appealing from my guidebook and off we went.  

Desperate for my first smoke of the entire trip we stopped at Rokerij, an Indian-themed chain of local coffee shops. Dimly lit, but inviting and comfortable we grabbed a couple of seats at the bar and ordered a few hot chocolates. I headed up to the bar to pick out my first of many baggies.  "I'll take a gram of the cheese," I say to the budtender. Wham. Bam. Thank you ma'am. He hands me a little unmarked bag with my marijuana and I'm back with the Italian in seconds, breaking up my bud, and rolling my joint. I intended to write about the weed itself, but stoner me forgot. And now so much weed has been smoked that it's all a blur.

That coffee shop remained my favorite for the rest of our trip. Each day we'd stop at one or two different coffee shops and grab a gram or two of something new to try. Our hotel room had a terrace so even though our hotel was non-smoking, I was able to enjoy my treats on our patio. Despite the liberalism surrounding marijuana in Amsterdam, I still felt unnecessarily strange smoking out in the relative public of our patio. I don't know if I'll ever shake it...

Stay Stoned