Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009. I'm super content with life (well, aside from the last 24 hours). I've had to withdraw from some people, and trust others more (which hasn't been easy, as I'm terrified of trust), take chances, kiss a lot of frogs and smoke a lot of weed. I wonder how many pounds of weed I smoke in a year?

OMG. THAT'S IT. Starting in 2009 I'm going to record ALL my purchases in my blog. Then I can actually do the math! I doubt I'll keep up with it, but it's worth and a shot, I really want to make something of this little nug of a blog. I mean, I dunno if I want business cards that say my name and "Pot Blogger" underneath, but I want readers. I want people to enjoy my content. So I guess my new years resolution is to keep blogging.

I'm not going to start in on some unreasonable quest for self discovery, I'm going to aim for something easily attainable and be the only asshole who kept their bullshit resolution.

2008 rocked, quick recap (according to my livejournal):

Started the year off in high Texas with my ex in some fantasy. Sift kick in the ass. Made one of my best playlists EVER. I missed meeting Victoria Beckham at Saks. Real emotional trash. Stayed sassy a few times. Lacrosse boy number one. Smoked exactly 1 FILTERED Lucky Strike Cigarette. The unnamed coffee shop in which I work hired me. Kidnap/rape/murder rumor. Accidentally deleted all my music. GOT TATTOOED. Brownies, blunts. LOL my last arrest (Don't ask, I'm done with that shit). Court. Dismissal. Insomnia. I helped someone go crazy. Cannonade. Beatlemania. The girls. Saw Jeffree Starr on the T. Depression. Summer. BONNAROO. That hot second in NYC. Austin. More Austin. Rode my first rollercoaster EVER. Wifey. School. Lacrosse boy number two. 19. Drinking. more drinking. More drinking. Blackouts. Drama. Running away at parties. Failing all over the place. Fucked Peruvian drug dealer. Fail. More Drama. Monday naps in 215. Shopping binges. Barlola. My diagnosis. And now here I am, sitting. Waiting for the end.

T minus one hour, fifty minutes. I'm staying home and staying stoned. Fail.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I see you, baby.

I love seeing all my international friends visit my blog. My little world map of readers is all over the place.

Today was my last high. I'm out of weed. And money. And food. I spent it well though eating Taco Bell and getting drunk at the Galleria. I spilled my drink in H&M, oops. I have vodka and rum left to help me get through this break. And of course, mothers little helpers.

I guess for a week this will be a drinking blog until I get my ass to Texas, land of the cheap and apparently, REALLY good harvests. I've got my partners in crime scoping out the best deals and the best buds. I love buying a whole bunch of weed and sitting around for a few hours and breaking up and rolling it in to joints and blunts and having a little collection, haha. It's like special reserve weed.

I've been getting really exciting about moving in with my fashion partner in crime, who i'll call LL on here. We were joking today about getting a 3 bedroom apt and having the third bedroom be a major closet/dressing area. I know I'm not moving for another 8 months but a girl can dream!

SO BEAUTIFUL. I wish. I went shopping today and picked up some gray jeans, a chanel inspired jacket and some printed tights. All for less than $60. Go me! Here's to 2009 being much more fashionable.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I was gonna update my blog, but then I got high. I think I'm gonna go downtown today for a bit, take some photos, read fashion magazines at Borders. I'm getting really high and am thinking about taking a to-go drink with me (of the alcoholic variety). I should probably not buy anything today seeing as I'm flat broke.

Yesterday was the craziest day ever at the unnamed coffee shop in which I work. We had to call the cops on a passed out drunk dude in the cafe. An ambulance, the cops, AND the fire department showed up. Then another drunk dude broke a bottle of vodka outside the mens room, and one of our regulars hit on me and tried to sell me herion/buy me a table at a club/bottle of Hypnotiq.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Okay, so I woke up at 9AM, played with the girls (the family gave me a $50 visa gift card, score!), went to work (thank you to the nice souls who put more than $1 in my tip jar today (and those random people who put $5), came home and cleaned my ENTIRE apartment (we had black mold growing in the bathroom. The people I live with are sloppy [sorry wifey, but you are too]), and now I'm smoking a massive bowl, sitting on my lounge, listening to Okkervil River on vinyl with fucking candles lit. I'm such a romantic!

Haha, no but really, I just called my crazy Uncle to tell him Merry Christmas and when I told him I was smoking a bowl he said, "No shit! Karl, and Rudolph (my cousins) and I are just about to cruise a blunt to the apartment!" And the conversation ended with, "[cousin coughing in the background] Man, this kid can't hang, I love you talk to-- [my uncle coughing] you-- [more coughing] later!" Seriously made my Christmas.

Right afterward as I was craving candy I remembered that I bought a massive bag of Sour Patch Kids when I went to CVS before work and FORGOT IT inside the unnamed coffee shop in which I work when I left. Fail.

There was something else that happened, but I forgot, so it must have not been important. I'm going to go make food, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Alright, so this is really funny to me, and I'm going to post about it cause I'm high and I can.

I'm going to copy and paste my aim conversation with my wife about it:

ME: im really high
and this asshole DJ form berklee i met at a part added me on facebook
and i added him before i realized who it was

WIFE: unadd

ME:and so i wrote on his wall and unfriended him
i said "Xxxxxx Xxxxx wrote at 8:54pm
i remember you, I met you at a party and you were a complete asshole"
idk why but its HILARIOUS to me

no it's funny

ME: ok good.
cause he was
and he has fuckign outline of a diamond tattooed on his chest

WIFE: he just got facebook slammed

Yeah. It's funny to me. You may think this is funnier:

ME: fuck i burned the cinnamon rolls
because of that whole fb thing
and then i had to blog about it


I don't get Uggs. My wife has a pair and I've been wearing them for shits and giggles, but really they're not that comfortable. They're actually quite binding and make my feet feel funny. Not to mention they make everyone look like they have massive cankles. I would wear them if I were in the hospital maybe. Maybe.

Work sucked today. So many people were assholes. I'm fucking serving you coffee on Christmas eve (not for time and a half no less) and you're bitching at me cause we ran out of gift card holders? Fuck you, that's what happens when you wait til Christmas eve! On the upside, my favorite customer stopped in and said hi today. He's coming to visit me tomorrow evening.

I'll be spending Christmas morning with the family I babysit for. A lot of people freak out when they find out I smoke and GASP, am trusted with children. Idiots, I obviously don't smoke when taking care of 2 children under the age of 5. 10 and up maybe... JOKING! I would never. I hate that so often your credibility is completely shot when you're revealed as a smoker. People leave their children in the hands of alcoholics, and THAT is bullshit. I've gone to babysit for my uncle and found him high out of his mind (heroin) half asleep with the baby laying next to him.

It's the holidays that make me really happy my whole family is in recovery, it's a lot more enjoyable that way. My uncle has been clean for over 90 days now. I'm so excited to see the new baby! Merry Christmas. Ha. It still hasn't hit me that it's Christmas. No family, no tree, It just doesn't feel right. I know when I get on the plane to see my family it'll hit me. Really late, but whatever. It's not Christmas without family, so I'm just postponing mine.

I forgot where I was going with this. Merry Christmas I think, tell your families you love them! Smoke more weed. I love you all. Pictures to come soon, I've been too high to upload them from my phone.

Also, fucking fuck having your two best friends in foreign countries.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In.

I'm high as fuck and crying at House. It's the episode where some dude with brain cancer walks again into the arms of his wife. So. Damn. Cheesy. But also, enough to make me cry.

Goddamned emotions. I totally forgot I have a counseling appointment tomorrow. Fail. During that partying binge I kind of forgot that a few weeks ago I was diagnosed as being potentially bi-polar. Apparently, I show signs of cycling, and mania, with occasional depression. Sweet. Whatever, I kind of knew it? I dunno.

I just got side-tracked looking up recipes for bacon mozzarella sandwiches. I made chicken pot pie soup tonight. It was delicious! I have left overs for the rest of the week.

So yeah, counseling tomorrow morning. I guess we'll just talk about how I feel about my potential diagnosis; but what is there to say? I'm scared, I hope that all these medications don't screw up things with my friends again, but I'm really optimistic, so I'm just trying to stick with that.

I've decided I'm going to cut back a little on pot in 2009. I want to buy a Nikon D40, and if I cut down on weed I can get one in a few months.

I MISS MY FRIENDS. FUCK TUNISIA AND SINGAPORE. I haven't really moved off my couch today. Although, I did trek through the snow to Shaw's for groceries. I had no choice, I would have died of starvation. I wanna make bacon right now for some reason? fail. I'm enjoying being lazy and relaxing though, and catching up on my TV.

I want to watch a really good movie that will give me a good cry. Any suggestions?

I forgot anything else I was going to add to this. Oh well. Peace.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Au Revoir!

I just saw the last of my friends off. As my queen bee stumbled half drunk into her cab I struggled across the street to get on the T. Such a weird feeling! The T ride home was somber even though it ran express to Harvard.

I can't remember the last time I was sober. I'm almost positive it was like a week ago. I was only able to buy an eighth, I hope that's enough to get me through Christmas. I've been so high and haven't been to my apartment in days. I'm sitting here and it's completely empty and quiet save my rampant CSI watching and my munching. I have to go to work at 5. In 50 minutes. I'm still hungry/drunk/high and sitting on the couch. Fail.

There's a blizzard going on right now. There's a good foot of snow on the ground outside. I'm loving it. It's like a Christmas card. Tonight I'm going to put together some mail and do some journaling and relax with a cup of tea. Mmmm, I'm already looking forward to work being over.

Things to do this week:
-make money
-clean my room
-go to the grocery store

So many beautiful highs this week with beautiful people. Some tremendous wake and bakes, and lots of laughter. It's going to be oddly quiet around these parts.

I just need a vacation. It's been so chaotic, I need to regroup and just chill. I need to go find my work clothes now, pictures later. Peace.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Done. Finito. Over.

I'm done with Fall 2008, kids. And I even got into one of my minor classes this afternoon. Win. This morning my professor gave out cute little gifts for those who came to class. He gave perfect attendance kids Starbucks gift cards and since I only missed one class he gave me a signed copy of his dick-lit novel, Boston Boys Club. I started reading it on the T today after my first high (YAY SOBRIETY IS OVER!!) to de-stress and get my mind off cognitive psych. It' actually not a bad read, super trashy but I'm loving it.

Life is looking up lately, lots of opportunities coming around. God, I'm so high and it feels great. As I was coming home on the T tonight I caught a whiff of someone else wearing his cologne. My mind raced, and a smile crept up on my face. Gross. Whatever, WINTER BREAK IS HERE. And I feel great.

Boston has been beautiful lately, and I've been extremely happy. On with the ups again. Gahhh. I have to go to the psychaiatrist and the dentist tomorrow fail. At least my dentist is wayyyyyy hot. That's the props of having a student dentist I guess. Fiesta, fiesta manaƱa! I'm gonna get shitfaced, its going to rule. Back to my bowl now baby, much love.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Ew. Placenta, after birth, the stretch marks. That shit is so not for me. Being a pothead though, especially when I was in high school, it was hard to take my birth control on time because well, I was always high and forgetting.

Hence why I take the Nuva Ring. Shit deserves a Toker's Choice award.

Yeah, I have to stick my fingers up my vag twice a month, but it sure as hell beats getting pregnant and having to take my pills on time. I already have enough pills to remember to take and I always fucking forget.

So this post goes out to all my girls taking the pill (and forgetting) and you know, if you're not on it and having sex regularly you may want to consider it. Until then, USE A GODDAMNED CONDOM. I don't want anyone I know getting pregnant.

And as just further FYI, Antibiotics reduce the efficacy of birth control. So watch out, and stay safe y'all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day Three.

Day three of sobriety here. I smoked a few cigarettes yesterday to calm that oral fixation, didn't suffice needless to say. I miss my joints. I've noticed that even though I'm not high, I still don't get anything done.

Yesterday I slept for the first time in forever. I slept until almost 3 p.m. It felt amazing but I only studied for like 2 hours. Fail.

On Monday I'm buying 3/8th's. I'm going to make happy brownies again over break. The last time I made them was when I got tattooed in February. I love pot brownies. All high, no harsh, and it lasts longer. I need to pick up a filter cause last time there was a lot of shake in my brownies. I didn't really notice, but just knowing that pissed me off.

Anyways, I'm going to start paying attention in class now,

Peace & Pot

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Monday Struggles Continue.

Seven days of sober start here. My finals are all on next Monday with a presentation this Wednesday and I'm not smoking all week so I can actually get some shit done and not binge in front of the TV like I did last night.

My obsession with fashion is exploding. Winter draws me to everything dark and edgy. My current obsessions?

Seriously, those stockings are hot. I must have them, ASAP. I have a feeling they're going to be my next major purchase. And those handcuffs are dying to hang from my wrist and my Marc handbag. I am so poor, this isn't even funny. I've chosen fashion over food for the last two weeks. I'm going to buy them if I babysit this week.

How is this pot related? Well, when I get high I get obsessed with making outfits on

Bike Sailor Indian Hipster Mall-Rat by kidsmokes

Another reason for my fashion obsession is that I keep losing my belongings when I'm fucked up. I lost my sweater Saturday night, a shoe a few weeks ago, several scarves, a couple of sweaters (both black oddly enough...), makeup, jewelry, you name it I lose it. I'm trying to rebuild my closet now. Note to self: STOP LOSING SHIT!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday Fails.

My ladies and I made a new rule tonight: Whoever has the most epic fail buys coffee the next morning/afternoon.

After coffee you're almost required to ease your previous walk of shame with a walk down Newbury St. Today Juicy Couture was the place to be. Buy one get one half off jewelry and I got the cutest matching wristlets for my wife and I. I also bought the Ray Bans, haha. When the sales lady pulled out the limited edition new wayfarers, in my favorite color GRAY with SPARKLES. I couldn't turn them down.

The last two nights/mornings I've been smoking pot with a new Italian friend until 7 a.m. My eyes get so fucking dry, it kills. This week I bought accessories instead of pot. I want to buy clothes too. Lately I've been obsessed with fashion. It always comes up in me around this time of year.

I also need to buy rolling papers. Nothing rolls like OCB papers. I'm obsessed with them lately. These EZWider's aren't cutting it. Pot has been rising in price here. Always happens in the winter. I'm going to have to stock up before Christmas break starts because once again, none of my dealers will be around.

Tonight, I'm putting on my hottest dress and going out with my favorite latina partner in crime. I need to sleep for a bit, peace.

Friday, December 5, 2008

So much to do so little time to do...

Other things. Like sleep.

I'm not sure why, but I've been extremely tired lately. I woke up at noon today, and the day before, I woke up, fell asleep and didn't wake up again until 5 p.m. Fail. I can't be doing this during finals! I told myself I could go to Midnight Madness in the square and hit up one of my favorite stores if I got some work done. I didn't. I missed out on 20% off night at Poor Little Rich Girl!

So tomorrow, here's the goal:

11 a.m.: Wake upish.
12 p.m.ish: Pick up check, deposit checks, pay Comcast Bill online (ugh)
1 p.m.: EcoBarbie Project
2:30 p.m.:Ecology Class
4 p.m.: Lab
5:45 p.m.ish: EMMag Launch Party
Evening: TBA

Saturday I'm totally hitting up Newbury Street and going to MBMJ for costume jewelry and to pick out new hipster central sunglasses. That's right folks, I'm going Ray Ban. Pink or Gold? I can't decide. Should I even give a fuck? My style is all over the place. I just need some fucking sunglasses since my Marc Jacobs ones broke and my Michael Kors are in no way a decent replacement. I should go to bed.

On a final note, I took a Xanax after I smoked a joint last night and was goneeee. I fell asleep so fast and slept so well. No worries, just an experiment, I'll only do it in extreme cases. Anyways, goodnight my loves. Answer the poll.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So, I have about, oh, 7 days to get my final project for my Journalism class. I was supposed to go out and get footage today, and start making note cards for my psychology class, and get a barbie for my ecology project (don't ask now). I woke up at 11AM this morning, smoked the rest of the joint and the the bowl that was on my nightstand and then started on my note cards. After doing just one section of my text book, I fell asleep.

Until 5PM! What the fuck! And I'm going to a concert tonight so I'm obviously not going to be able to work on it. I may not even make it home. Ugh. BUT UGH YES NADA SURF, JEALOUS GIRLFRIENDS, AND DELTA SPIRIT.

Also, I know my birthday was almost officially two months ago, but I forgot to post about the most awesome present that I received from the love of my life, heart of my heart, Sandy down in Austin, Texas. She bought me this bad ass alarm clock with little marijuana leaves instead of numbers. Now I don't have to use my cellphone anymore!

Pictured with my tits and the most amazing necklace that the wife bought me.

God, I'm so high right now. Damnit!