Friday, December 12, 2008


Ew. Placenta, after birth, the stretch marks. That shit is so not for me. Being a pothead though, especially when I was in high school, it was hard to take my birth control on time because well, I was always high and forgetting.

Hence why I take the Nuva Ring. Shit deserves a Toker's Choice award.

Yeah, I have to stick my fingers up my vag twice a month, but it sure as hell beats getting pregnant and having to take my pills on time. I already have enough pills to remember to take and I always fucking forget.

So this post goes out to all my girls taking the pill (and forgetting) and you know, if you're not on it and having sex regularly you may want to consider it. Until then, USE A GODDAMNED CONDOM. I don't want anyone I know getting pregnant.

And as just further FYI, Antibiotics reduce the efficacy of birth control. So watch out, and stay safe y'all.

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