Monday, December 15, 2008

Done. Finito. Over.

I'm done with Fall 2008, kids. And I even got into one of my minor classes this afternoon. Win. This morning my professor gave out cute little gifts for those who came to class. He gave perfect attendance kids Starbucks gift cards and since I only missed one class he gave me a signed copy of his dick-lit novel, Boston Boys Club. I started reading it on the T today after my first high (YAY SOBRIETY IS OVER!!) to de-stress and get my mind off cognitive psych. It' actually not a bad read, super trashy but I'm loving it.

Life is looking up lately, lots of opportunities coming around. God, I'm so high and it feels great. As I was coming home on the T tonight I caught a whiff of someone else wearing his cologne. My mind raced, and a smile crept up on my face. Gross. Whatever, WINTER BREAK IS HERE. And I feel great.

Boston has been beautiful lately, and I've been extremely happy. On with the ups again. Gahhh. I have to go to the psychaiatrist and the dentist tomorrow fail. At least my dentist is wayyyyyy hot. That's the props of having a student dentist I guess. Fiesta, fiesta manaƱa! I'm gonna get shitfaced, its going to rule. Back to my bowl now baby, much love.

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