Thursday, December 25, 2008


Okay, so I woke up at 9AM, played with the girls (the family gave me a $50 visa gift card, score!), went to work (thank you to the nice souls who put more than $1 in my tip jar today (and those random people who put $5), came home and cleaned my ENTIRE apartment (we had black mold growing in the bathroom. The people I live with are sloppy [sorry wifey, but you are too]), and now I'm smoking a massive bowl, sitting on my lounge, listening to Okkervil River on vinyl with fucking candles lit. I'm such a romantic!

Haha, no but really, I just called my crazy Uncle to tell him Merry Christmas and when I told him I was smoking a bowl he said, "No shit! Karl, and Rudolph (my cousins) and I are just about to cruise a blunt to the apartment!" And the conversation ended with, "[cousin coughing in the background] Man, this kid can't hang, I love you talk to-- [my uncle coughing] you-- [more coughing] later!" Seriously made my Christmas.

Right afterward as I was craving candy I remembered that I bought a massive bag of Sour Patch Kids when I went to CVS before work and FORGOT IT inside the unnamed coffee shop in which I work when I left. Fail.

There was something else that happened, but I forgot, so it must have not been important. I'm going to go make food, Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Hahah. Yeah, that's how it was here too. Except people were awesome and tipped amazingly? Some people tipped 4$, or 5$, or even 10$. I won't know what I got in tips for Christmas/this week until next week though cause i've been sick as a dog.