Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday Fails.

My ladies and I made a new rule tonight: Whoever has the most epic fail buys coffee the next morning/afternoon.

After coffee you're almost required to ease your previous walk of shame with a walk down Newbury St. Today Juicy Couture was the place to be. Buy one get one half off jewelry and I got the cutest matching wristlets for my wife and I. I also bought the Ray Bans, haha. When the sales lady pulled out the limited edition new wayfarers, in my favorite color GRAY with SPARKLES. I couldn't turn them down.

The last two nights/mornings I've been smoking pot with a new Italian friend until 7 a.m. My eyes get so fucking dry, it kills. This week I bought accessories instead of pot. I want to buy clothes too. Lately I've been obsessed with fashion. It always comes up in me around this time of year.

I also need to buy rolling papers. Nothing rolls like OCB papers. I'm obsessed with them lately. These EZWider's aren't cutting it. Pot has been rising in price here. Always happens in the winter. I'm going to have to stock up before Christmas break starts because once again, none of my dealers will be around.

Tonight, I'm putting on my hottest dress and going out with my favorite latina partner in crime. I need to sleep for a bit, peace.

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Phillip Wilde said...

The Ray Bans sound fabulous. Must see a picture. Facebook plzkthx.

-PW <3