Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Healthy Stoner?

It's Tuesday morning and it's time for breakfast; I'm nursing my first full bowl of the day and contemplating the most important meal of the day. I'm trying to start taking my health and healthy eating more seriously with smoothies. Quick and delicious they can be super filling and nutritious as well. My mom has always made them for me in the summer and when I was on the swim team, but after trolling the blogosphere it's seems to be the best way for the laziest person on earth to get their 5-a-day.

Now, most stoners are known for fast food binges and junk food overload, and while I have been known to eat a one pound bag of Sour Patch Kids in one sitting, but I honestly prefer to snack on fruit all day long. People think because I'm naturally thin I can afford to binge on junk all day and not pay for it-- NOT TRUE! I may be able to fit into my jeans the next day, but I can't walk up two flights of stairs without feeling a burn and being out of breath (and before you blame the smoking, I have an amazing lung capacity and function, so there). So I'm trying to reform my eating, starting with breakfast, focusing on those mornings where I don't eat anything at all... which is most mornings.

I was reading Happy Brittany's smoothie-centric blog and was inspired! Spinach! Almonds! Cucumbers!? Avocados!? After I adjusted to the positivity-overload (much-needed at the time!) I was a little intimidated-- I'm no natural in the kitchen. I mean, I can cook, but I'm not good with flavors and mixing and matching and all that. This week, I'm starting small, fruits, yogurt, milk, etc. Next week, maybe I'll throw in some flax seed.

Today's ingredients: frozen blueberries, banana, almond butter, raw almonds, vanilla yogurt, 2% milk, a little sugar.

Today's results: HOLY ALMOND BATMAN. Relatively boring as for flavor, but I'm gonna feel like Batman after I drink it.

A word to the wise, check out Whole Foods for the hippie shit; almond butter there is $5 compared to $10 at Shaw's. What I need now though is an awesome reusable smoothie cup! I'm digging this one from Amazon, but if anyone knows of any cooler ones that come with extra straws holla at your girl!

Okay, enough typing, more doing.

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