Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I changed the header... It's about 7 pixels too big and it hangs over the border on the right and it annoys the shit out of me. But I'm too high to open photoshop again and crop it, so it stays. The OCD in me is going crazy.

BIRTHDAY COMING UP! I need to pick up tomorrow. Another quarter maybe? I'm watching Law & Order. Typical. I'm so fucking tired. I had class from 8-4, work from 6-11:30 and I still have to throw out the trash. Fuck. I'm REALLY tempted to throw it over the balcony... bad idea, I know, but ksdaflkshdfljdsfh I'm fucking wiped.

I'm pretty terrified of life now. This has to be the calm before the storm. Everything is too good. I'm not sure I'm prepared for the shit show that's sure to follow. Does anyone else feel like this? Is this a symptom of something? Maybe a side effect? "Feelings of impending doom," perhaps?

Let's see shall we?

Monday, September 29, 2008

eco-friendly stoners?

[From last night when our 'net went out AGAIN):

I'm sitting here babysitting my third bowl in a row when I stop and think. How many of these little plastic sandwich baggies do I go through a year? At least 100 probably. At at any given time I'm working with 2 and then throw em out at the end of the week. Not to mention I store mine in the little ½ cup Gladware cups which I lose and replace every few weeks and papers and the BIC lighters I use. Are those mother fuckers recyclable? Here I am with my reusable Whole Foods bag, telling the checker “Paper please!” and bitching at my parents for not recycling shit when I'm a plastic consuming machine.

I would start using those clear papers that are 100% plant cellulose but the glue on them sucks. Does anyone know about any good cellulose papers? As for the sandwich bags, those are irreplaceable. I feel so guilty! One thing I can do though is invest in a Zippo refillable lighter, but then there comes the price of it probably getting stolen/lost in a drunken rage...making me use both types of lighters and kind of defeating the purpose. Someone help me out here?

I keep thinking is just really good weed, but I think I'm just really happy. My friends rule and things at home are awesome. I smoked a joint this weekend, shot-gunned the entire thing with a new gentleman friend. :) < (that's my terrible stoned atttempt at being a lame-ass girl with a crush). But fuck you all cause my birthday is this week! Friday to be exact and my birthday is going to go on for a whole week starting with seeing Death Cab For Cutie with 3 of my good friends at Boston University. There will be wine!! I need to pick up before Tuesday. I'm thinking a half? at least. Ugh, I love birthdays!

Anyways, my chinese food and fries just got here. stay stoned!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

buds of the week (if they make it that long).

Total Amount Purchased: 7 grams.
Total Cost: $80
Description: Lots of red hairs, earthy green, soft, still pretty moist, seeless.
Type of High: The kind where I want to eat a lot and fall asleep if I smoke too much, however, if you smoke it and listen to music and are half-motivated, you can get a lot of shit done.

Good middies I would say, no?

This fucking country.

As I was getting baked this afternoon on the living room floor John McCain announced he wanted to postpone the debates to solve the financial crisis or some bullshit. Can you believe that! He's calling for what FOX news is calling a 'very bold, bold move' and asking for a 'politics free' time.

I feel like you'd need every ivy league universities math department, every mathematician, genius, and every member of the Federal government working on this it still wouldn't (and SHOULDN'T) be hastily decided by Monday.

I'm fucking so pissed. I'm going to bed. Maybe this is all a dream. Maybe the Mucinex-D and smoking is causing hallucinations. The deadline to register to vote in Massachusetts is November 4th! Please register to vote!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, you're all going to hate me. Aside from being super busy, another reason I've been slacking on updating are these fucking crime shows. I finally have cable in my apartment after over a year of no cable. I've already seen everything on OnDemand. The Closer, Law and Order, Law and Order: CI, Law and Order: SVU, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Forensic Files, Snapped, Captured, Cold Case Files, Monk and Psych just to name a few. I don't move from the living room floor whenever I'm home.

It's causing me to spend hella money on weed. I'm buying almost a quarter a week. The only upside of that is when I'm taking the train out to JP to pick up (which takes me almost an hour and a half to get there and back) I've been able to keep up with my reading for school. I finished a whole chapter of my Ecology book and even a whole Cognitive Psych chapter last time I went out there. Next week I finally have a few more days off, so hopefully I'll be updating more.

I'm thinking of posting pictures and info about the weed I'm buying. I figure if I can keep track of where I'm buying and the quality I'll be able to weed out the best dealers. Is that a bad idea? Idk. I'm gonna go try to be responsible for a few hours. Peace.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

cali drooooo

The first day of school went very well. By 2 p.m. I was in a beautiful latina's home smoking cali medicinal dro. Pretty much the best way to start any school year/week/day/whatever. That weed was fucking amazing. I need to get my ass to Cali and get me one of those cards.

Anyways, I'm smoking now again, some nice headies I got for really cheap wayyy out on the other side of town, but whatevs. I finally have money today too! I have so many fucking bills to pay. Shit sucks.

Fuck I'm so exhausted. I had class from 8-12, lunch at faneuil hall from 12-2, class from 2-4, then went to the gym til 5, and worked at Starbucks from 6-11:30. Thank God only two days a week are like this.

Also, it's day 5 on the new meds front. Things seem good? I don't know. I've dramatically changed my lifestyle around the time I started taking it. And my acid reflux hasn't been that bad either, but I'm a lightweight for sure now when it comes to drinking. No more whole bottles of wine for me. 3/4 is a good stopping point.

I'm watching The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. It's pretty funny. And my nose piercing STILL isn't healed. Ugh.

Ok I'm rambling, just smoke some cali dro, ok? Please?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So here I am smoking a bowl trying to calm my pre-school jitters. I'm like Nemo in Finding Nemo, when he's so excited he forgets to brush himself on the anemone. SO CUTE.

Life has been really different lately. I'm working out again! Bee and I and our new roommate have been working out almost everyday for almost 3 days now and in my book, that's a big fucking deal because the last time I worked out for more than 3 days in a row was August 2007. We've been having a blast and getting drunk a bunch and making dinner and smoking in the evenings on the deck. I'm also still getting acclimated to my new anxiety/anti-depressant, so things have been exceptionally chill lately. AND HAVING ONDEMAND FUCKING OWNS. I was tired of living without cable.

I think I'm finally coming into myself a little more? If that makes sense? I might just be high. It's not exactly what I would imagine, but I'm happy and that's what matters, no?

I dunno, I'm all over the place lately and I'm sure my blog has shown that. School is starting and we're still putting finishing touches on the apartment and such. I don't know where any of my stuff is for school tomorrow. fuck. I'm just going to go to bed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ikea fucking sucks.

So I thought Ikea would be some magical wonderland of cheap furniture, but unfortunately it was a warehouse of anxiety. I almost cried. Anyways, they didn't have the desk I wanted. Which actually turned out to be okay because I am confident I would never have been able to put it together. I put together my desk somehow, but not after breaking one of the pieces in half and completely ignoring the directions. I spent 3 hours last night and a good 2 this morning putting it together. I got high and it went much better this morning. I don't know if I was supposed to have this many pieces left over though...

But I mean... whatever. My room is looking pretty good if I do say so myself. It's been a little stoner project in the making for months. I have a smoking area of my room! It's very "me." And of course I have something Beatles and all my favorite posters. I'll be posting pictures soon!

I'm fucking hungry. This weed I bought is amazing. It was worth the trek to Jamaica Plain. I've been in this weird mood lately. Ugh, I hope I snap out of it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

But then I got high.

So I was going to make a post last night, but then I got high and Matilda was OnDemand and well, there goes my night. Next week... maybe.

Anyways, Today was part 2 on the Honesty Vs. Dishonesty with the doctors experiment. This appointment went a lot better, I'm not as angry and I was when I left last time, and I'm on yet another new medication. This medication has the potential to get me watsted off of one glass of wine so drinking is looking even less appealing than usual, but I'll survive. A one drink tolerance may actually be a godsend in disguise, I mean, imagine how much money I'll save if a bottle of wine can get me drunk 4 times over.

She said nothing about my smoking (I guess she got the message) and just stressed the drinking and watching my food intake. This new medication is making me pretty nervous, I've never been on an anxiety medication other than marijuana before.

Today I'm getting high and going to Ikea. I'VE NEVER BEEN BEFORE. I'm clearly fucking stoked. Let's hope I don't break the bank.

Stay Stoned.