Tuesday, September 9, 2008

cali drooooo

The first day of school went very well. By 2 p.m. I was in a beautiful latina's home smoking cali medicinal dro. Pretty much the best way to start any school year/week/day/whatever. That weed was fucking amazing. I need to get my ass to Cali and get me one of those cards.

Anyways, I'm smoking now again, some nice headies I got for really cheap wayyy out on the other side of town, but whatevs. I finally have money today too! I have so many fucking bills to pay. Shit sucks.

Fuck I'm so exhausted. I had class from 8-12, lunch at faneuil hall from 12-2, class from 2-4, then went to the gym til 5, and worked at Starbucks from 6-11:30. Thank God only two days a week are like this.

Also, it's day 5 on the new meds front. Things seem good? I don't know. I've dramatically changed my lifestyle around the time I started taking it. And my acid reflux hasn't been that bad either, but I'm a lightweight for sure now when it comes to drinking. No more whole bottles of wine for me. 3/4 is a good stopping point.

I'm watching The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. It's pretty funny. And my nose piercing STILL isn't healed. Ugh.

Ok I'm rambling, just smoke some cali dro, ok? Please?

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