Monday, September 29, 2008

eco-friendly stoners?

[From last night when our 'net went out AGAIN):

I'm sitting here babysitting my third bowl in a row when I stop and think. How many of these little plastic sandwich baggies do I go through a year? At least 100 probably. At at any given time I'm working with 2 and then throw em out at the end of the week. Not to mention I store mine in the little ½ cup Gladware cups which I lose and replace every few weeks and papers and the BIC lighters I use. Are those mother fuckers recyclable? Here I am with my reusable Whole Foods bag, telling the checker “Paper please!” and bitching at my parents for not recycling shit when I'm a plastic consuming machine.

I would start using those clear papers that are 100% plant cellulose but the glue on them sucks. Does anyone know about any good cellulose papers? As for the sandwich bags, those are irreplaceable. I feel so guilty! One thing I can do though is invest in a Zippo refillable lighter, but then there comes the price of it probably getting stolen/lost in a drunken rage...making me use both types of lighters and kind of defeating the purpose. Someone help me out here?

I keep thinking is just really good weed, but I think I'm just really happy. My friends rule and things at home are awesome. I smoked a joint this weekend, shot-gunned the entire thing with a new gentleman friend. :) < (that's my terrible stoned atttempt at being a lame-ass girl with a crush). But fuck you all cause my birthday is this week! Friday to be exact and my birthday is going to go on for a whole week starting with seeing Death Cab For Cutie with 3 of my good friends at Boston University. There will be wine!! I need to pick up before Tuesday. I'm thinking a half? at least. Ugh, I love birthdays!

Anyways, my chinese food and fries just got here. stay stoned!

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