Sunday, December 28, 2008

I see you, baby.

I love seeing all my international friends visit my blog. My little world map of readers is all over the place.

Today was my last high. I'm out of weed. And money. And food. I spent it well though eating Taco Bell and getting drunk at the Galleria. I spilled my drink in H&M, oops. I have vodka and rum left to help me get through this break. And of course, mothers little helpers.

I guess for a week this will be a drinking blog until I get my ass to Texas, land of the cheap and apparently, REALLY good harvests. I've got my partners in crime scoping out the best deals and the best buds. I love buying a whole bunch of weed and sitting around for a few hours and breaking up and rolling it in to joints and blunts and having a little collection, haha. It's like special reserve weed.

I've been getting really exciting about moving in with my fashion partner in crime, who i'll call LL on here. We were joking today about getting a 3 bedroom apt and having the third bedroom be a major closet/dressing area. I know I'm not moving for another 8 months but a girl can dream!

SO BEAUTIFUL. I wish. I went shopping today and picked up some gray jeans, a chanel inspired jacket and some printed tights. All for less than $60. Go me! Here's to 2009 being much more fashionable.

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