Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So, I have about, oh, 7 days to get my final project for my Journalism class. I was supposed to go out and get footage today, and start making note cards for my psychology class, and get a barbie for my ecology project (don't ask now). I woke up at 11AM this morning, smoked the rest of the joint and the the bowl that was on my nightstand and then started on my note cards. After doing just one section of my text book, I fell asleep.

Until 5PM! What the fuck! And I'm going to a concert tonight so I'm obviously not going to be able to work on it. I may not even make it home. Ugh. BUT UGH YES NADA SURF, JEALOUS GIRLFRIENDS, AND DELTA SPIRIT.

Also, I know my birthday was almost officially two months ago, but I forgot to post about the most awesome present that I received from the love of my life, heart of my heart, Sandy down in Austin, Texas. She bought me this bad ass alarm clock with little marijuana leaves instead of numbers. Now I don't have to use my cellphone anymore!

Pictured with my tits and the most amazing necklace that the wife bought me.

God, I'm so high right now. Damnit!

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