Thursday, June 23, 2011

I suck.

I have literally been hounding myself to update this thing. Every day I have time I say "I'm gonna post today!" and I don't really get around to it. Well, today I only worked a couple of hours, so there's no looming feeling of exhaustion. I'm also, out of weed for the night, so I'm a little less lazy, and a little less distracted.

A month or so ago I came across this AMAZING interview with "Freeway" Rick Ross, a recently released (er... sorta.. 2009) inmate from the California prison system. He speaks about the economics of drugs, what it costs, how many people you need, avoiding the cops, etc. But, he also makes some really great points for the legalization of certain drugs. The first couple of minutes is just some other bullshit, but it starts at 3:10 and it's bad ass. Lots of great talking points, lots to learn. Definitely the best interview of this type that I've seen, and it's very rare to get this type of interview with such a kingpin.

Here's a link to the interview.
"The most I ever made in one day was $3 million," UH, WHAT. What a trade, man. My favorite part is when he talks about getting his money back from the police. Yeah, they pay women to count money in g-strings to ensure they're not stealing, that's true. Download it, hold on to it, listen to it with your friends.

Let's discuss this, people. Tell me what you think about legalization of other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. An all around amazing interview.

Oh, btw, He was illiterate while running this million dollar business. He learned to read in prison. Amazing.


hapi said...

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Phillip Wilde said...

I totally know what you mean about not getting around to posting. That's why my blog has been so sporadic.