Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pura Vida

I’m back from vacation, three ethnicities darker, and with a whole new appreciation for nature. I went with the family to Costa Rica. Yes, it was as fabulous as it sounds; I saw the rain forest, and wild iguanas, and volcanoes, and waterfalls.

And I smoked. Once. And I got sick. Several times. I mean, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get sick, right? Well, the smoking was the day after I was ill and I was alone at the villa while my family went to look at crocodiles or something. I was sitting near the office (the only place to get wifi) dicking around on a God awful Windows computer and I smelled that familiar, sweet, wonderful smell.

So I headed out the gate and found the culprits and sat down and asked if I could join them. There must be something cute about an American struggling to conjugate her Spanish (errr, Tex-Mex) cause of course they said yes. They had two small bowls going, and they were a little clogged, but it certainly didn’t taste bad, and it certainly did the job. The rest of the trip was all about sobriety and nature. And it was quite nice like that. The best part? Zip lining through the canopy of the rain forest. It was gorgeous. And it’s kind of a stoner heaven, ever American fast food place has fries. Including Taco Bell. Ha.

And now I’m back to reality. That’s a bitch, ain’t it? Back to work, and to my mundane life. Well, not so mundane, but definitely not glamorous. Some of you may know that Wellbutrin (my new anti-depressant, woo!) is often used to help people quit smoking. Apparently, it’s pretty effective because my desire to smoke has plummeted. An eighth lasted me over a week. That hasn’t happened since high school. I nurse one bowl, maybe two a day. How can I be a pot blogger and barely smoke pot? This will be a new adventure I suppose...

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