Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's been two weeks since my vacation and since I was on vacation, I didn't get a paycheck when I came back, and received a paycheck for one days work. Clearly, not enough to live on. Well, it actually is for me, I'm good at making it stretch. Except for when it comes to shopping and luxury goods. More specifically, right now, these baroque sunglasses from Prada.

I am in love. And I haven't been in love with a pair of sunglasses in a while (since my pink Prada sunnies, pictured). They are perfection. They scream style. See, when I'm browsing the internet while I'm hitting the bong, I read a ton of fashion blogs, fashion business blogs, and other street style sites. Seriously, online shopping and smoking is to me, as a summer pastime is to America (God, I love analogies). So, to continue my gushing...

One of our frequent customers where I work came in wearing a pair today. She looked flawless. Except, she always does, and always has something I covet. Anyway, it cemented my NEED for these glasses. So how am I going to afford them? I can charge them next month and pay it off over the next six weeks, or... I think that's the only option. The one problem is I don't always get scheduled for 30+ hours, so I can't actively depend on a paycheck. If I could, things would go something like this...
Typical paycheck for 30-36 hours:
$420 (l swear that's the average, I'm not being cheesy) before taxes, so that'll end up like...
$360 (I swallow the loss, it pays for medical services I use), I'd split it up as such:
$60 for weed
$40 for the week
$100 credit card payment,
$135 into savings
$25 to internet bill every other week

Except, shit never goes like that, cause when I get the big paychecks I have to do the shit I couldn't pay for during the week. Like laundry ($12), groceries ($30-$60 a week), and things like toilet paper and trash bags ($5-$15). And you know, I should be going to yoga once a week ($12 a session). So, factoring in my credit card bill, I can get them in like 6 weeks, but obviously the goal is to be debt free and put that money into savings for future rent and student loan payments. I keep pushing paying it off every month, and I was soooo close, If I hadn't put anything on my card, I'd have it paid off, get the Pradas in 3 weeks and then save up. Yeah, didn't happen. First I needed groceries, then I paid for my bus tickets to NYC, and then Nine West had a sale. I shop too much, but they really were perfect, versatile, and classic, aaaand only $30. So, I've racked up some change on that card. And let's not think about when I'd be able to afford these sunnies if/when I put a plane ticket on it.

The point of all this rambling is, I'm on top of shit. How many stoners can say that? And I think I deserve a luxury good now and then. Whether it's hats, sneakers, hoodies, paraphernalia, or a ridiculous pair of sunglasses.

Stay Stoned ♥

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