Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smoke Me.

Up until a few days ago I kept my weed in a prescription bottle; It seems to be the container of choice for many, as well as the preferred method of distribution in California. I used to leave it in the plastic baggie, but nobody likes dry green. Then I used to put it in a larger glass jar from Ikea, but that was too big and bulky, so then I switched to the prescription bottle.

Well, I'm ditching the orange plastic in favor of this glass spice jar I bought at Chelsea Market for like $3 on my most recent trip to the city (I also bought half a pound of proscuitto but that's a whole other story). It screamed Alice and Wonderland to me so I got high and did some arts and crafts and TA-DA! I have a wonderful smoke jar that I love looking at on my shelf.

So stoners, what do you keep your weed in? The baggie? A jar? Prescription bottle? An Altoid's tin? Alice's potion bottle?

♥ Stay Stoned

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