Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A headline is worth 1000 words.

And this headline is spot on. Buzzkill of the Day. Notable selections: "Marijuana growth uses 1% of all U.S. energy... Buzzkill, stoner pals. Your weed is really bad for the environment... Smoking a single joint is the same as leaving a 100-watt light bulb on for 17 hours. For you more committed drug peddlers out there, each kilo is the same as five cross-country drives in a 44-mpg car." Wow, it has never occurred to me what effect weed has on the environment. I mean, I live semi-green. I take the subway and walk, and uhm, I use reusable mugs and bottles... I guess that's about it. Maybe I'm not so green. But I'm always smoking the green. Shit man! 100 watts for 17 hours? I mean, I smoke bowls and they're smaller and there's not paper burning so that's better, right?

This is an old article I've been meaning to post it, but you know, I'm lazy and get stoned and things don't pan out like they should, especially on the blog. I need more inspiration. Actually, I'm lying, I have a few posts I want to make in mind, but one of them involves the scanner and that's just so daunting, and so much effort. Ha. Ridiculous, but whatever. Anyway, this is crazy! I wonder how long it takes me to smoke 1000 grams. That's kind of a lot... too much for me to fathom.

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