Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My new morning routine.

I'm sitting fairly comfortably atop my bed, boyfriend at my right snoring ever-so-softly going through my new morning routine (rhymes with New Jack Swing, yeah, baby!). It appears that I've been having panic attacks on days I catch the T school, last week I completely missed class because I couldn't find anything to wear (I know, right?). So obviously, I've been having a little difficultly lately and I'm trying to fix it.

I woke up a good forty-five minutes to an hour earlier, and now I'm sitting here, pretty OK with what I picked out to wear on the bed in front of me, and am eating cream of wheat, or as my grandmother calls it, toleto (toh-lee-toh) and sipping tea. As usual the damn foreign workers outside my window are making their OBNOXIOUS FUCKING PRESENCE KNOWN. Goddamn, I hate them. Ruining my mornings getting me all outta whack...

Anyways, I'm nursing a small bowl, just to get me on point for the day and then it's off for a very long day consisting of class, interning, and more class until I go home at 10. I have to freaking go to Google tonight, can you believe that? This is going to be so lame... but I digress. Hopefully there will be dinner with my man sandwiched in there. Ok, I gotta get dressed enough dawdling, wish me luck with my slow mornings.

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