Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lately, it's come to my attention how big of a problem heroin is here in Boston. Lots of episodes of Intervention have taken place either here or in Gloucester or Worcester and just the other day I was riding the subway out to my boyfriends, and this guy who was BLATANTLY high on herion (slightly comatose, looks like they're falling asleep, slow/slurred speeech) and falling all over me.

And as the price of marijuana continues to rise, the price of heroin is often less than a 6 pack of beer. What kind of crap is that? Heroin involves some pretty intense chemical processes (opium > morphine > heroin) while basic marijuana just needs a sunny corner, some fertilizer, and enough space.

Legislators, congressmen, and policy makers need to get their heads out of my grass and onto the streets to get heroin, a DANGEROUS drug, commonly and easily overdosed on, off the streets and users into rehab. Or something. I dunno, but this is bullshit.

Next Post: Oh-so-startling research linking cannabis as an effective antidepressant/anti-anxiety treatment. I TOLD YOU, SHRINKS!!!!

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