Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Great Debate.

It happened; My bong cracked. I kept wondering why there was stank-ass water under my bong on my nightstand and why my hands and bed were getting wet with said stank-ass water. Thankfully, I have other smoking options which brings me to the Great Debate: The Bowl vs. The Joint/Blunt vs. The Bong vs. The Vape.

I'll be the first to say that I love cruisin' with a fat blunt (grape is good), but I also love the bong. The way the water cools the smoke can be a dream if your bong is elaborate enough. Mine was a simple bubbler and it didn't actually break, just cracked. So maybe I can seal it with some superglue? Is this the worst idea ever? I'd buy a new one, but I am so strapped for cash right now that's just not happening. My connect (who we'll call Tex from here on out) has an amazing bong which has a little pre-cooler attachment. Oh, Lord. I get about 10x higher with their bong than I do from my own. After four straight months of using the vaporizer I switched back to the bong, partly inspired by the great high I get at Tex's.

Now, I love my Herbal Aire, and it was worth every penny; a nice high without the lethargy, no coughing, and very light silvery smoke. The biggest downside to the vaporizer? After my first bowl, I will space out and forget about the bowl I have going, or I'll start eating and forget I was smoking. A beautiful bowl burning away at 375 degrees getting nobody high. It's a damn shame, and a complete waste. Not to mention, not at all economical in my situation. As for bowls, well, it sufficed when I was smoking 1/8ths or less, but I'm not down with all that hot smoke; I cough like a first-timer. Especially with how much I smoke, that just can't be good for my throat and lungs. I am going to purchase this Black Leaf bong as a replacement. I'm really excited and I'm hoping the percolator will help make my weed stretch and improve my high. It's about time I bought a real bong anyway and got rid of this little bubbler, but I will always have many many fond memories ♥ .

What kind of bong do you use? Which smoking method do you prefer?

-Stay Stoned

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Anonymous said...

this is awesome! im glad i have a friend that likes to blogg with pics to boot! im was fully entertained; this is cute lissa ;D