Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everyone has their vices, right?

Mine are pretty severe. My number one vice is obviously marijuana. I'm spending up to $120 a week buying my green, or as was the case this week, purple. Delicious! My second vice is shopping. Oh my god, I love shopping. Currently I'm lusting over this NARS set, and am obsessed with these shorts I just bought. But today, I had to get a grip, I gave my Discover card to the Italian and had him hide it in my room. So it's cut down on the smokes or not pay the bill. Obviously, I gotta cut down. How is this going to play out?

I'm already to the point where I spend less than $15 a week on eating out and little extras but I hate being so cheap, especially with my boyfriend! Plus, I love ordering food and getting smoothies between class. And I'd like to spoil my man once and a while with a nice dinner. And I'm on the verge of being an adult and graduating and I cannot be one of those stoners who just bums around after graduation. I must get a job and be an adult. Some serious cutting down is going to be required. I'm already lazing out on my homework. I fell asleep despite saying I would complete/start two assignments and now I'm tired and time is dwindling between those due dates.

Senior year is different; but I definitely have senioritis and need to find a way to curb that bad habit too. Especially without fueling myself with rewards like expensive makeup and froyo... Wish me luck.

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