Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh Jeez

I step away for a while and Oregon starts farming hemp (could this spur Oregon to become the leader in alternative resources?), Mexico let people start doing drugs, and I break my favorite piece as well as the slide to my bong.

Just like clothing has sizes, slides should too. None of this "uhhh, I think it's like, the width of a BIC pen? Yeah!" and then getting home to find it's just slightly too big and won't slide in.


Idk what's up with the funky tunes, but this is the best way to clean a piece. Coincidentally, rubbing alcohol can set broken eyeshadows and broken powders again. THIS TRICK HAS SAVED ME SO MANY TIMES AND SO MUCH MONEY.

Anyway, It's been a little rough lately. I've been smoking a lot, don't get me wrong, but I've been taking some time to start some counseling and psychotherapy and looking to find a balance in my life again. Not sure where things went awry, but rest assured Blazing life will be resurrected come early to mid September. I'm moving (again, grrr!) but after I'm settled I think it's going to be another hazy semester.

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