Sunday, September 6, 2009

THank God for Apple.

I know, I went M.I.A. again, but my computer just fucking died today and neither myself nor my incredibly-handsome boyfriend have installed internet in our new apartments, I shit you not. We've been living the life watching movies, smoking the herb, and organizing (it's like real life tetris!)

Thank God for the Apple Store, where I've been doing all my important tasks, emailing, and facebooking once a week. Oh, who I am I shitting, it sucks!

The good news is, school is starting, I will be blogging more, and working more, and being even more crazy.

So let's have a stoner discussion to get our minds back in action. See, my morals have been aching supporting companies like Domino's and American Apparel who donate to shitty right wing causes, but there is really no way to escape them, especially being a stoner, Domino's is like an angel in the throws of starvation. It really makes me feel guilty but whats a stoner to do? It's impossible to cut all the bad out....

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Anonymous said...

ok, let me preface by saying that i always love opening up my blog favorites whilst stoned and seeing a post on your blog. it's just good see another stoner in action, you know? like a comrade in battle, or something.

secondly, i totally support your patronage of dominos-- i mean, i think that when it comes to munchies, anything and everything is fair game.