Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost October!? Really!?

In a matter of weeks I am going to be 20. Jeez, I am getting old. I'm currently sitting here stoney eating popcorn cause I don't really have any other real food. I think I'll grab some cupcakes before I head over to the Italian's. Ha! That's not dinner either but I'm a hungry bitch! It's this bong I think, it causes me to overeat, or to eat shitty food. I wish I had more Fruit Roll- Ups they're the best stoney snack.

I really hate that I can hear the ball game from my apartment. It does not rule so much. I also really hate that my phone is dead because I thought I left it here but apparently it's at my boyfriends. FAIL. I Also hate that I have homework again. Really? Ugh. I almost missed a deadline last night cause I simply forgot to write things down. I am a FAIL!

So, note to self:

eat better

write things down

More to come...