Monday, September 14, 2009

Slide Chronicles.

Why are slides so damn expensive? I Just bought one for $25, which is more than my lovely bong itself cost. And now that I swirled a little alcohol and salt in there it's hitting better than ever.

I did a MAJOR clean out of my pieces this week. Cleaned them all for over an hour, haha. But my once yellow tinted glass pipe is now slightly orange tinted and clear. Which is good, cause I've been smoking more than ever. Probably not so much now that school is starting up TOMORRROW but still quite a bit. I've been buying every few days and it's slightly ridiculous, I just need to buy larger quantities.

Lately I've been smoking so as not to kill every operator I talk to at my evil insurance company. I'm in a crazy catch-22 with my school, insurance company, and state medicaid. Nearly an hour of each weekday is spent on hold with one of these various peeps (my school is good about not putting you on hold for forever, but DAMN MEDICAID 34 MINUTES? It's taken a lot of patience, much more than I have, so actively smoking a bowl while arguing with these bitches is the only way to make it through it. I'm actually on the phone with them now, trying for the millionth time to remove an insurance policy I didn't (and can't) pay for.

I am at a loss to understand how people cannot be for socialized medicine. In America, the first thing that most people think of when someone is hurt or sick should not be "How will I pay for this?" it should be "Am I/my family member going to be ok?" I think that health care reform in America is essential to its future prosperity. Hello, life is guaranteed in the constitution and denying people the medical attention they need is denying them life. Such as this article in the NY Times.

Also, I finally have a therapist who is ok with me smoking weed, and doesn't blame me, or make it out to be the cause of my mood swings/depression. It's a relief to not have to defend my smoking to at least one person.

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