Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is too good.


83% of the 415 people cited this year for public use of marijuana have refused to pay the fine set forth with the citation. GOLDEN. How late-80s/early90s fuck-tha-police.

But really, did we expect this to create a lot of revenue? I mean, as stated in the article, it costs $250 to have an officer appear in court, if someone were actually doing something wrong, I'm sure they'd spend the $250 to have them there, however, they're not and so it goes.


Anonymous said...

ok totally irrelevant to your post BUT- what are your favorite activities to do while stoned in davis?? i just moved to somerville and am blazed and bored as hell in my stuffy apartment.

emoney said...

visit kick ass cupcake for a fried cupcake
stop at one of the parks and lay around (theres one by kick ass near the rite aid and another near the parking office near the davis T)
GOODWILL!!! I find the best stuff stoned
small plastic swimming pool from tags/shaws in porter in the backyard is A+ too

Anonymous said...

thanks for the ideas! i will definitely be putting them into action soon. ALSO, if you're ever around/bored/lonely/whatever and want some one to blaze with- i am your girl! (603)809-0140