Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wow, Almost a year!

It's been too long. So many marijuana developments! I bought a vaporizer, an Herbal Aire and I pretty much love it. I noticed a dramatic change in my lungs and a lingering smokers cough was gone within a week. It's temperature is extremely accurate, it doesn't need much upkeep, just replacing the tubing here and there and wiping resin from the mouthpiece and crucible. I use it so often! And it's small so I can take it to friends house's and it really has no smell. Perfect for smoking indoors!

I also went from smoking an eighth a week to a quarter. What happened there? I'll admit though, it's slowing me down a little in class, I can't smoke on my break. I've got to stop it! Just before bed, and maybe at breakfast, haha. It helps me eat breakfast which I think eventually helps me focus better during the day.

Not much else, having my quarter-life-crisis with my impending graduation only months away. People keep asking me what I'm going to do and it's overwhelming. So, I'm still crazy but coping. It helps that the boyfriend is here for a bit to get me going. It's been fun to have him around, and while I haven't been making a bunch of money because of cuts at my new job selling old lady clothes, it's okay, because A) I make more money and B) I get to hang out with said boyfriend.

I'm not sure what else to say, I smoked some kush (initials RP I think? My friend couldn't remember the name but it was written on the bag) and it smelled a little like the combo of a sushi plate with wasabi and soy sauce. But it was amazing. And it made the Potato Bacon Cheddar Spring Rolls and Boston Beer Works freaking phenomenal. Will definitely be going back for more.

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