Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's what tomorrow looks like:

6:30AM: Wake up, get dressed, study
7:15: Run to the unnamed coffee shop in which I work to get a latte
7:30: Jump on the train, study on the train.
8:00: Journalism class, study in class
10:00: Cog Psych midterm, stop studying
12:00PM: Magazine meeting
12:30: Tell dude that I've been dating I don't want to date him anymore over coffee
1:00: Eat, wish I was getting high, hide from the cold
2:30: Ecology with said dude that I don't want to date anymore
4:00: Run home for 2 hours of sitting on the couch
6:00: Work at the unnamed coffee shop in which I work
11:30: Run home from work, take a shower get on the T
12:00: Chill night on the hill

I'm so stressed. I may take 2 of my anti-anxiety pills tomorrow. Is that shit legit? Can I do that? Whatever. I am.

So, I'm seeing this great guy now who's really into weed. His joints put mine to shame and he's such a gentleman. When we wake up in the morning he rolls us a joint and we watch tv and laugh at each other. Much more my style I think.

I'm so caffeinated, half-stoned, and ready for bed but clearly with all this caffeine that's not happening. I should be studying more but I really can't bring myself to read anything more about the brain or it's cognitive processes. I'll go through my digital flash cards (all 344 of them) one more time before I head to bed... maybe.

Lately I've been smoking even more, more than 1/4 a week for sure. Is this an issue? Probably not. I'm still waiting for my life to implode, should happen any day now. I'm hoping it won't happen until after my exam. Anytime after 11:45AM tomorrow is fine with me.

What's a stoner to do when they're too chill to put up with their friends? Am I really the only one who is just too chill for this shit? I don't want to fight with people, I just want to sit down and smoke a joint with you. I don't mean to hurt anyone, but shit just happens you know?

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