Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So yesterday in my stoned as fuck demeanor (I smoked a few blunts, one by myself, can you say FAIL?) When it occurred to me, YOU CAN TOTALLY GET AIDS FROM SMOKING A BLUNT. I mean, if the person with HIV/AIDs rolls it and maybe like, has a cut in their mouth. Isn't that terrible? I need to get better at rolling blunts so I can always roll my own and make sure no one get's AIDs.

Also, I keep trying to keep up with the buds of the week, but I just keep smoking it all before I can take a picture of it. Fail, Fail, Fail.

Can you tell that that's my new word? Anyways, I know I've been lame and haven't been updating, but hopefully I can get at least one other post this week and then I have midterms (c'mon that shit's allowable) so I'll take a break and be back in full force before the Montreal Trip. MUST SAVE MONEY.

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