Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I keep forgetting to update. I had a major bout with anxiety/depression last week, but I'm back on top and feeling better. My shrink thinks its my drinking/smoking. Fail.

I smoked before I went today and he said I seemed "distant." I made up some bullshit about my dad and being tired and I guess he bought it. I dunno. I think the guy is full of shit.

In weed world, not much is new. I'm still nursing the same 2.4 grams I bought last week. Pretty nice stuff. Unfortunately with the economy the way it is and me being broke as shit I can't buy very often. Thankfully, I babysit Thursday and will be able to buy for the weekend AND put some in my savings. How fucking awesome right?

Last night was hilarious. I dunno how you can get away with not learning how to cook frozen American food when you're an American citizen but the Italian somehow did it. He was high and put the whole bag in the oven and basically, they wouldn't cook cause there were too many on the cookie sheet. I basically had to teach him Fundamentals of American Frozen Cooking 101.

Epic Fail. But a funny one with a happy ending if you know what I mean. :) haha

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