Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BRB Moving to the West Coast

California is the first state to have a bill proposed to LEGALIZE and TAX marijuana for those 21+. Ingenious. They're projecting almost a billion dollars in revenue from this idea, and I mean, while I lost all faith in California when they fucked up Prop 8, and this probably won't pass, I'm still really happy to see it in legislature.

It would be awesome if other states would follow suit. Especially Massachusetts. I think we're at the point where if we really want to succeed with repairing this recession we should definitely legalize and tax the lovely maryjane.


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kushfingers said...

i don't like it! if they legalize it, they'll try and rip me off after taxes with that "fifteen for a dime sack" bullshit. i'd much prefer to just pick up from the average corner dealer than deal with having to get a license AND paying some fat fee for it every year AND having them tax it so it's more expensive AND have the government sell me bammer weed. buying weed from the black market has way more advantages than the government can give me.