Monday, March 2, 2009


I woke up this morning, got a little high to aid in the whole picking-out-clothes game, and booked it to grab a latte and get on the T and WTF I get to Park Street and find out SCHOOL IS CANCELLED. I get on a red line train back to Alewife. Ugh. Being high helped, I just rode it back and came home and did some work.

So on the upside, today was a snow day. Really, it was epic trying to get to school this morning and it's still snowing here and there. We've already gotten 10 inches. On top of 50 in. earlier in the season. This is RIDICULOUS. I had a great day though, met a friend for lunch, got my eyebrows done and smoke at the Queen Bee's.

However, nothing is better than being high and having a cup of tea. My favorite tea has a little stoner story behind it. See, I used to drink this tea when I was dating the Peruvian drug dealer about 6 months ago. I joke it's the one good thing I got from him (that and I got really good at rolling joints). Anyway, it's delicious and sweet and helps your breathing! Always good to combat the hazards of smoking with a little R&R.

Now, back to the bowl, baby.

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