Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Should we be alarmed?


Grit weed. What is it? Is it harmful?

Some are saying it's glass particles, some are saying it's food grade silica, others say it's a polymer of some sort. Either way, I don't want to smoke it and it's been making guest appearances across New England (New Hampshire, Quincy, MA), even here in Boston. The stuff in the picture above was sifted from a sack of grit weed, and it's still unknown exactly what it is, and if it's harmful, but I'm telling you, I wouldn't want to smoke it.

Even those of us up on our shit can still fall victim to this, as it gives the appearance of really nice trichomes. According to posters on the Noise Board ( The tip off should be that's its very crystal-y, with a sandy texture and the smell is a bit off. Apparently, it's sprayed onto the buds post-harvest.

Would you smoke this if you bought it and noticed? Would the $50 or $60 be worth it to potentially fry your brain and lungs?

It's more than knowing your dealer, check your shit, kids!

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