Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Break Broke.

I hate saying bye to people. I know it's just for a little while, but I just hate the act of it, it's kind of awkward, sometimes somber, not at all excited feeling. I said bye to the two biggest people in my life right now, and at the same time, realized how big a part of my life they both are. Weird how different things are from last semester.

I got on the train back home super high and super nostalgic/complacent. I put on my "Oh, Life" playlist on the T ride home and was kind of overwhelmed by emotions. I kind of hated it, but I just let it happen. By Porter Square I was fine.

Anyways, after a nice morning saying farewell to the Italian I headed over to day bye to the Queen Bee. We booked a fucking tulip joint. Epic. Me, Bee, and two of our good friends rolled one and got so high. It was the one final hurrah before she had to book it to the UK. I'm still high. Ready for a bowl to keep the momentum up though.

I need couch time.

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