Tuesday, March 17, 2009



"A man who grew marijuana plants on federal forest land was sentenced to life in prison in a Gainesville courtroom Thursday.

Andrew N. Cox, 45, of Blairsville was subject to federal sentencing guidelines that mandate a life sentence for someone with two prior drug trafficking convictions, U.S. Attorney's spokesman Patrick Crosby said.

The federal prison system does not have parole."

WHAT. Like, okay, I get it, it's against the law, but life without the possibility of parole?! RAPISTS AND EVEN MURDERERS GET OFF FOR LESS THAN THAT.

This is an outrage, and a mockery of the American justice system. Without the two prior convictions he would have served only 10 years. It's really sad to see out-dated, politically crooked legislation from the fucking 1800s ruining the lives of millions today. And sure-- he had a choice, blah, blah but fucking George Washington grew pot on what I'm sure is today federal forest land (what does that even mean?). Two semesters ago I did a term paper on the role of hemp in colonial America, and it's staggering how much it has to offer and how dramatically it could decrease our dependency on foreign resources.

This really grinds my gears!!

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