Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crampy Cramp Cramp.

One of the times I always try to have weed handy is when I'm on my period. I never have any Tylenol or Advil and weed always makes me feel better. It's my every-ailment cure, from cramps to hangovers, I swear by it. Apparently so did Queen Victoria, and a bunch o other women in the 1800s.

Obviously, as I've been trying not to smoke, I don't have weed. And ugh, my ovaries are killin' me. I'm laying on the couch resisting the urge to run to the bathroom and cut my ovaries out with an Xacto knife. That bad. Seriously.

I've been cramping all day. I took a long walk from Mass Ave and Columbus to an old flame's place in Beacon Hill, it was a fucking gorgeous day in Boston. It was nice to see him, we smoked a j and he gave me my flask which he found in the depths of his freezer. I was so happy to see it! I thought it was long gone, I lose so much shit.

So here's to today, my flask, and the cocktease that is Spring. Cause today it was 60°F and tomorrow it's going to snow!

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