Monday, August 11, 2008

Grow me the money.

I've been thinking about growing for a while now. I know it's a huge responsibility and what not, but I really think I can benefit from it and since I can't have a dog, it would be something nice to nurture/a cool project. I'd have maybe two plants I don't know if I actually have the balls to do it, because it looks pretty expensive and I'm terrible at Biology, (and you know, it's illegal and I have the worst luck ever) but it would be sweet, no?

I was poking around online today and found this:

HOW COOL RIGHT? Too bad it's way too small to grow any type of quality plant. I figure I can make a discreet grow fixture but I know it would probably run me a couple hundred dollars+ seeds and I'm a poor mexican. Not to mention, if I ever pissed off a roommate they could rat me out in a second.

I'd have to read a lot about growing too, I definitely am not knowledgeable about botany and biology and the plant itself. I learned a lot about Hemp and it's cultivation last semester but not so much strains and indoor growing conditions and such. Would any of you ever consider growing? Am I just way too stoned right now? Shit, pass the bowl...

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lollers said...

i think about growing every single day. not for profit, just to have a continuous quality stash around.

i know this guy who paid off a condo in downtown purely from money he made dealing for like 3/4 years. that's incredible, those things are $250,000 at minimum. i don't think he grows but he must be close to someone who does, and i can only imagine what kind of dough THAT guy is rollin' in.