Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sorry about the hiatus, I've been super high lately. Texas has been a blast of schwag, emotion, blunts, joints, bongs and delicious sacks of ounce. I'm leaving Austin, Texas tomorrow and heading back to Boston. I'm really excited to go back and start redecorating my apartment and my bedroom. And to go back to school! Imagine that, a stoner who loves school! Whenever I smoke the OCD comes out in me and boy has it been put to good use lately! Some of my good friends from Texas Marquise and Yak just moved into a new apartment up here and I've been having fun getting high and helping them decorate and organize. I even folded Yak's underwear!

To help the OCD in me I recently bought the Palm Centro and switched to Sprint since it was basically free with my parents plan. Pretty sweet, huh? And it's pink. I really used to hate pink, but I'm starting to enjoy my femininity.

It's got a calendar, syncs with your computer (PC AND MAC!), has sudoku, custom ringtones, speakerphone and has this nifty application that lets you draw on pictures like in paint. The camera is pretty sweet too. I'll be posting pictures from it and my Austin trip in the coming week.

To help me out with my studies I got the new Schoolhouse application for Mac OS X. It helps you keep track of your schedule, online syllbi(is that the plural of syllabus?), notes,assignments, tests, and grades. I seriously have an addiction to planning and organizing. You can find it here: It has a few gliches in Mac OS X Leopard but if you read the site it tells you how to very easily fix it.

I can't wait to start school so I can get all the full benefits from it. I need to buy my books soon though. Ugh. The one downfall of September is the money it sucks from my savings account. We need more afforable education. But that's a rant for another day. Peace.

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