Saturday, August 30, 2008

As you can tell by the little pot leafs, my summer has been pretty full. I went all the way to Tennessee on the Greyhound to get to Bonnaroo where I smoked hella weed. Then to Austin, Corpus, San Marcos, Boston, Agawam, Chelmsford, Richmond, NYC for 2 hours, and a million places in between. It was one hell of an adventure but now it's pretty much over.

That was pretty much Austin. Tons of drugs, tons of pot, some art, and my favorite friends and their zany ways. Sandy, Marquise, and Yakob, you complete me. The main reason of this post is to show you the greatness of TRAYS. Get them basically anywhere, steal them from work (or in my case get silver plated ones from the Goodwill and keep all your shit on there. Papers, another tray for breaking it up, ashtray, blunts, lighters. It's one of God's gift to stoners. Yakob's (pictured) was from his school. He said they were going to throw them away and snagged a bunch of them. Seriously, get a tray, your life will be so much better. The best part about these trays is that they're often flat enough to store under the couch or under the bed when not in use. Cause you know, being inconspicuous about my pot use is what I'm all about.

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