Monday, August 4, 2008


Quite possibly my favorite thing about smoking pot is that the only time I've ever been sick from is it when A) I over eat and puke and fall asleep or B) when I'm way too drunk (right around the intoxication level of 'the spins') and start chain-smoking joints.

This has been one topsy turvy weekend with the alcoholics in my life smoking pot all weekend and yours truly drinking her liver away for the past 4 nights. I rarely drink, let me preface this post by saying that, maybe once a week I'll have a few beers or a few glasses of wine but I never get drunk because 8 times out of 10 my acid reflux comes from the depths of my stomach and esophagus to incinerate my chest. This weekend was one in a million and most of the reason I haven't updated much, (except for the other nights stoned/drunken ramblings).

Thursday night I had dinner at a co-workers. Blue Moon and Jack Daniels was present. I had a great time. Good food, good people. I stumbled home not long after my co-workers roommate put him to bed. I woke up Friday morning feeling like shit but when Bee came over we started taking shots of Jeager and headed over to "the boys" place (our ex-boyfriends are roommates, and yes the entertainment and irony is hilarious) where somewhere between deciding to go to Pizza Ring and a bottle of Canadian whiskey and a sip of Jameson I proceeded to get wasted and start wrestling boys. Sometime after that I ended up drinking a Corona in a strangers home and woke up with yet another mild hangover, sore as hell and with an awesome carpet-burn.

Saturday was Stupid Movie Saturday and I started drinking Evan Williams at about 2 P.M. Then I went out again to the boys where I don't remember much but Tony Hawk and a few joints and a bunch of random people. I woke up with a headache and took some Tylenol and felt better.

But this morning's hangover really takes the cake, as from about 9 A.M. to noon, I spent it hovered over the toilet drinking water and throwing it back up. I'll spare you the details but Bee did make the comment "Your puke looks like pee!" The night started out with a few Tecates someone left in the fridge from the weekend and quickly went back to Evan and shots and before you know it we're sitting downstairs on the bumper of a suburban trying to pee in the Republican's driveway across the street. While all that was happening we somehow ended up in another strangers (but neighbors!) home and smoking joints and exchanging numbers. I think I told them to come see me at work today. What was I thinking?

It was an awesome night and Bee and I exchanged stories of first kisses and lost romances and made a bunch of goals for the next year and our co-habitation (She moves in on the first of September!). But I think I'm back to smoking now, my liver needs some time off and your regularly scheduled programming will return after my stomach returns to normal.

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The Misadventures of Little D said...

Hello, love. I switched blogs. You're the only one who knows about it. Because I don't trust anyone ever.

I can't wait until we can exchange first kiss stories and have amazing adventures this winter.