Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am an idiot.

I cut the top of my foot yesterday. It was a rather tragic incident. I was sitting on my bedroom floor, listening to records and scraping the resin out of my little glass bowl when all of a sudden, I must have scraped too hard because it fucking broke. It's still smokeable I think, because I broke the carb and the hole is still on the small side, but it's sad nonetheless. Anyways, I thought I had picked up all the glass and I put the resin into my other bowl, Coco Rose and start looking for a lighter. I roll over onto the tops of my feet to grab it and I feel the glass stick into the top of my foot. I had to pick it out and then it just started bleeding like a mother. I suck. But at least my feet are half-cute and my toe nails are a nice color (THNX CVS!).

Anyways, the moral of the story? Probably don't smoke resin, and if you're going to spend an hour scraping it out, be gentle with thin glass. I've been smoking resin cause I'm flat broke ($4.11 in my checking, $3 in cash, ballaaaa) and am just two days away from hopping on a plane and going to the underworld, so buying would be pointless. Smoking resin is probably really bad for you seeing as it's all tar basically, but it's 'double-brewed' as the bear called it last night, making it more potent and liable to put you right to sleep. I hadn't cleaned my pipe since I brought it back from Texas so I was able to scrape almost 4 bowls of resin from it. It's slightly gross and smells terrible but it gets the job done.

R.I.P. Little Glass Bonnaroo Baby Bowl. June 2008-August 2008. Little Glass Bonnaroo Baby Bowl was survived by a sister, Coco Rose, and of course, myself. She lived a short, but full life with the privilege of everything from schwag to dro. She will be missed.

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