Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reader Contribution.

Last week one of my lovely readers, Gee, found a fat little sack outside her apartment complex and decided I should have it. Who knew my readers loved me this much? haha, I met up with her last week and we went to this great little Vietnamese cafe and market where she proceeded to get me addicted to these amazing puppies:

I went back and bought 3 packs the other day and I'm gonna go buy some more before I leaveg. So with Gee's contribution, I'm up to about a half and a quarter for this year. I suck at math.. let's see that's 3/4ths right? Dang.

Today was the day. I got tested! They had to draw blood again because my last HIV swab 6 months ago was reactive (followed by a negative blood test). It was nerve wrecking! So after I got amazingly high with an old friend. We went to Sakura for a nice hibachi style dinner. IT WAS AMAZING. I came home and napped on the couch with my mama.

Back to Boston Thursday morning. Here's to a new and equally fabulous semester!

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Anonymous said...

So was it any good in terms of... quality/grade?

And those dried mangoes are the shit. Just enough sugar, and not bone dry. Yummm. Maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow. :}