Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some day.

My life long dream is to be a fashion reporter, smoke mad weed, and go to fun parties after fashion week shows. Maybe travel a little.

And If I happen to have an entourage like Kanye's, that would be sick.

Speaking of fashion, there's a 60 Minutes with Anna Wintour in the works. Wintour is the editor in chief of Vogue and is rumored to be falling from the top of the fashion totem pole. She's a fierce bitch.

Anyways, still on the last 1/8th I bought. Which is good, considering how much I wake and bake. But I guess wake and bake is pretty much all I do, because at night I tend to drink like a fish, or put my nose where it doesn't belong, but that's another story.

I'm super high and seeing that Kanye picture is probably going to inadvertently inspire my outfit tonight. Damnit. But they do look fly. Christ, I'm blown. First high of the day always doest that.

Also, can I just please take a moment to say how big of a difference good rolling papers make in the formation of beautiful, perfect joints? Seriously, throw away your jokers, and hit up the headshop for a pack of OCB rolling papers. Much better.

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