Monday, January 26, 2009

That's it.

I'm out of pot. And I have no money (Well, I have some money, but I need to pay my bills). I knew this time was going to come.

I smoked the last of my stash last night with the Italian and ordered the most amazing/disgusting hawaiian pizza from Domino's. They have this ingenious little tracker that tells you exactly where your pizza is and who the fuck is handling it.

The Italian was amazed by this little piece of American ingenuity. Or maybe he was just high. Either way, we watched that tacker like a hawk and when it arrived we demolished that shit in like 10 minutes flat. Not bad, eh?

For this, I think Domino's deserves a Toker's Choice Award despite the fact that their pizza isn't really that good, but when you're high, who cares right?

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