Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The firs time I ate a special brownie was in February of this past year. To help celebrate and to keep me calm I made brownies to eat before I got my first tattoo to help me relax (I have a needle phobia but loveeee body mods). Despite the fact that it took a lot of weed to make them, making them was pretty fun and eating them proved very satisfactory.

Brownies make you stay higher for a lot longer though, so that's something to keep in mind if you ever make them. I find that it's much easier to use oil to cook the weed in instead of butter because butter is a lot easier to burn, which just releases the THC before you can eat it. I used this recipe I stumbled on a few years ago and it's seriously the best: but they won't turn out well if you're at all impatient because you will burn the oil/butter. Bottom line: Patience is a virtue, or something.

I also highly recommend investing the gold coffee filter if you're going to make them more than once. Straining was such a pain the in ass cause I didn't want to eat the shake. Some people say it makes you higher, but I mean, you're cooking the THC out of it, so I don't know why you'd eat it. I have these friends, who we'll call Bear and Conejo, and they both eat the paper from the cupcakes. It's almost as bad as those kids who eat glue, but to each their own. Bottom line: Eat the shake if you and put them in cupcake liners if you're a freak and like to eat the paper too.

I would definitely make brownies again, but I'd have to have a special occasion, I can't really see myself sitting around eating brownies, watching a movie, like I do now. Seems like a waste.

Over in the Corpus Corner, only 16 more days. What am I going to do with myself? I can't think about this now, I need caffeine.

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Monica said...

why back to Corpus so late in the summer?