Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's raining and I'm high and looking out my window onto the bike path and a woman with an umbrella and 3 small dogs in raincoats come waltzing through.

The stoner part is, I didn't actually notice that the dogs were wearing raincoats, nor did it strike me as unusual until long after they had escaped my view. But really, it was so cute! 3 little dogs, one was definitely a pug, in rain coats! In all primary colors with little collars and hoods!

Certainly brightens my day. And I've had a pretty shitty one too. As I was getting dressed for work I got into a fight with my best friend, and with it went my weekend plans. When I left for work it started pouring rain. I only live a short 3 minute walk to my job so I figured I would be okay, but somehow in that 3 minute walk to work my shoes and socks got soaked and the entire front of my work capris were wet. I worked my whole shift with wet shoes, which may have been why I dropped a stack of plates, spilled iced coffee all over the bar, dropped a half-full pitcher of frappucino base which fell right onto the floors I had just mopped. I would have been okay with that, but then my co-worker and I proceeded to kick 3 people out of the unnamed cafe at which I work. I got to use my mom voice today. I first yelled at this bum to stop fighting with some kid and then yelled at the kid and his friend for running around the cafe. No one who witnessed my yelling/kicking out gave me any shit. They must have seen the bad day all over my face. On my break I called my mom to vent and maybe get some sympathy, but she was still pissed because I told her I got my nose pierced on Tuesday. So she got after me and with the weight of it all I just kind of cried for a minute. When I got back on the floor not even sampling our new smoothie (which is my favorite thing in the world, ever to do at work) made me happier.

But I'll tell you what did make me happier. Getting off 10 minutes early, apologizing to my mom, and busting out the bong. I like saving smoking out of the bong for days like these. It makes smoking even more pleasant, cause I get to change up my routine.

I'm too high to keep typing. I lost my train of thought. But it's a good thing, because today has been so long, and shitty. I'm going to go watch a movie now.


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I really love your photography and your writing, so anything combining those two = amazing. This is my secret bloggggg, btw.